5 tips to reduce tummy - No.1 Crunches

5 tips to reduce tummy

Have you being finding it difficult to fit well into those slim-fit cloths? Do you have problem sleeping at night because of your belly fat? If true, I will give you 5 tips to reduce tummy. There are things you will need to introduce into your daily routine. Having enormous belly fat can have adverse effect on your health.

In other to make the tips to reduce tummy that I will give you effectively, you need to make work on both your diet and exercise. Only dieting cannot help reduce your belly fat fully. You will need to introduce an hour of exercising into your daily routine. The following are the 5 tips to reduce tummy and they will help you reduce your belly tummy at a faster rate.

5 tips to reduce tummy – No.1: Crunches, out of the 5 tips to reduce tummy, this is probably the best way to reduce belly fat. Follow this steps when doing Crunches.

Lie on your back, with your feet bent but still on the floor. Raise your legs at an angle of 900. (Check the picture above).
Keep your hands crossed on your chest or place them at the back of your head.
Breathe in heavily, and as your raise your upper body of the ground, breathe out.
Again As you move down breathe in, and breathe out as you go up.
For beginners, repeat this for 10 times.
Repeat this twice or thrice.

Unlike sit-up, raise your body off the ground a little while doing crunches. This will help prevent back ache.

In addition, avoid jerking your head upwards when doing crunches. This adds pressure to you neck and will lead to pain. Just do crunches with your hands behind your head.

5 tips to reduce tummy - No.1 Crunches

5 tips to reduce tummy – No.2. Bicycle Exercise: unlike the name implies, bicycles are not needed for this exercise. Wondering how this is possible. Let me show you.

Lie on your back and put your hands beside you or at the back of your head same as in crunches.
Raise your legs off the floor and make them bend at your knee.
Move your right leg towards your upper body and making sure your left leg is far away.
As you move your right leg away from your chest, move your left towards your chest simultaneously.
Continue doing this like you are riding a bicycle.

5 tips to reduce tummy - No.2. Bicycle Exercise
5 tips to reduce tummy – No.3: Bending Side To Side: this is the third tip to reduce tummy.

Keep your feet together while standing and put your hands by your sides.
While your feet is still firmly on the ground, bend your body towards the right as much as you can until you experience a strain on your left waist. Also while doing this, keep your left hand up and make sure your right hand is placed on your waist. Maintain this posture for 15 seconds.
Move back to your initial posture.
Bend towards your left side, also maintain this posture for 15 seconds
Gradually increase your holding period to 30 sec.

5 tips to reduce tummy - No.3 Bending Side To Side

5 tips to reduce tummy – No.4: Captain’s chair

Balance your body while sitting on a chair and also relax your shoulders.
Put your hand beside your waist with your palms facing downward.
Breathe in heavily.
As you breathe out, move your two legs up and position it in such a way that your knees are closer to your chest. Stay like his for 5 seconds. Make sure you remain balanced and straight while doing this.
Slowly Move your legs downwards and repeat the procedure

5 tips to reduce tummy - No.4 Captain’s chair
5 tips to reduce tummy – No.5: Lunge Twist: if you are a beginner and you are looking for an exercise to release your belly fat quickly, this one is for you. Follow tip to reduce tummy

Keep your legs hips wide open while standing. Bend your knees a little.
Raise your hand and align it with your shoulders. Make sure it is also parallel to the ground.
Take the position depicted in the picture above. Move your right leg forward and go low as if you are sitting on a chair so that your knees is at an angle of 900 to the floor. Move your left leg backwards and balance with your toes.
Let your back be straight up. Don’t curve your back.
Twist only your upper body to the right and left.
Do this for 15 times.

5 tips to reduce tummy - No.5  Lunge Twist
Adhere to this effective tips to reduce tummy. This exercises can be done at the comfort of your home without visiting the gym. All this tips to reduce tummy need from you is your determination and strength.



That’s all about 5 tips to reduce tummy, try your best and believe that “You can do it”.

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